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Who we are

SMT AGENCY has been promoting crowdfunding campaigns for over 6 years. We are a team of twelve multi-disciplinary specialists in Digital Marketing, and more particularly, in Social Media Marketing. Our goal is to create the ultimate social media experience for your crowdfunding campaign.

We specialize in bringing practical solutions to help crowdfunders – people and companies – planning to start crowdfunding campaigns. Our expertise in the crowdfunding industry makes us the best team to boost your campaign visibility on social networks, to optimize your campaign promotion, and to get relevant solutions for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

SMT Agency is the social media advertising agency you are looking for if you plan to:

  • Promote your crowdfunding campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn,
  • Reach influencers to create a buzz around your project,
  • Reach potential backers with creative and effective advertising campaigns.

Contact us to discover the solutions we offer and to improve your crowdfunding campaign results Now.

“To be successful in rewards-based crowdfunding, effective use of social media is critical.” Kendall Almerico , Crowdfunding Attorney and JOBS Act Expert